Rumors: VR version of Resident Evil 4 was censored at the request of Facebook

The Happy Warrior portal, citing an anonymous source, reportedthat some scenes in the Oculus Quest 2 version of Resident Evil 4 VR have been significantly altered or cut. It is noted that Capcom has given permission to Armature Studio and Facebook to censor the game.

Source: Capcom

Source: Capcom

According to the site, the developers were asked to remove any content hinting at sexual harassment and sexist statements. They also demanded to remove sarcastic remarks from the game that could be misinterpreted.

In an analysis of several excerpts from the game, The Happy Warrior portal emphasized that Leon’s flirtation with Ingrid was cut out of the game. The character Louis Cera will no longer be ambiguously joking about Ashley Graham and her appearance. Some videos have lost about 30% of the dialogue lines. In the finale, the dialogue between Leon and Ingrid completely disappeared, where the hero asks the girl for a phone number.

The changes also affected the text. Secure the Ballistics achievement has been replaced by Secure Ashley. This phrase was associated with Ashley’s attractive appearance. Some subtitles have also been revised.

Source: The Happy Warrior

Source: The Happy Warrior

The author of the analysis stated that Facebook was the initiator, which agreed with the copyright holder and the developer to make such changes. The release of Resident Evil 4 VR is scheduled for October 21, exclusively for the Oculus Quest 2.

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