Rumors Volkswagen wants to buy Huaweis Autopilot division

Rumors: Volkswagen wants to buy Huawei’s Autopilot division

The activities of the Chinese giant Huawei Technologies in the automotive market have so far been limited to cooperation with partners. For example, together with the American-Chinese brand Seres, Huawei is developing hybrid cars with a proprietary operating system HarmonyOS. At the same time, Huawei expects to develop a top-of-the-line autopilot system by the middle of the decade. Rumor has it that Volkswagen is already interested in the Chinese giant’s core assets.

Image source: Huawei Technologies

Image source: Huawei Technologies

In any case, the intentions of the second largest carmaker in the world to buy Huawei’s division for the development of autopilot systems are reported Reuters with reference to the publication manager shop. According to the source, negotiations between Huawei and Volkswagen have been going on for several months and the deal could be worth billions of euros.

The German car giant is very interested in partnerships with specialized companies – for example, with a supplier of car components Bosch. The companies intend to collaborate on the development of software for automated transportation control systems. The potential of the German automaker’s Huawei profile division could be interesting in the context of the development of specialized processors. The carmaker’s structure already has a Cariad division that will focus on the development of control software. Volkswagen can strengthen this with experienced component developers from Huawei. It is already known that Volkswagen is collaborating with Samsung Electronics in this area at the same time.

It is difficult for a Chinese company to realize its full potential in the face of tightening US sanctions, as it does not have access to advanced lithography, the use of which is justified in the manufacture of complex processors for robotic systems. It cannot be ruled out that the deal with Volkswagen will also serve the interests of Huawei Technologies from this point of view. Previously, representatives of Volkswagen did not rule out developing their own component base for autopilot systems.


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