Rumors Valve has been making Neon Prime for several years

Rumors: Valve has been making Neon Prime for several years – this is a competitive shooter from the developer of Dota 2

Blogger Tyler McVicker, who specializes in information about Valve’s activities, recently shared new details about the mysterious Neon Prime in a video on his YouTube channel.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Previously, McVicker said that Neon is Prime “next to dota” Sci-Fi game from the leading Dota 2 developer, game designer IceFrog, and apparently “Not a first person shooter”.

Since then, McVicker has learned that Neon Prime is a traditional but still first-person shooter, also with a competitive focus and in a futuristic setting.

As for the connection with Dota, Neon Prime has an “indirect” one: the game’s events will ostensibly unfold in alternate dimensions (the continuum and moons of Ultoria have been previously reported) simultaneously in the past and future.

According to McVicker, Neon Prime has been in development for several years, but has only recently made some progress. The project is said to shake up the Dota community amid Dota 2’s declining popularity.

As for the engine, the blogger isn’t sure, but over the years in Source 2’s related development, Neon Prime hasn’t been mentioned once. McVicker suggests that the game is based on the Unreal Engine.

Officially, Neon Prime is currently a trademark associated with video games and video game software, which Valve filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in October.


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