Rumors The next part of Metro is called Metro Awakening

Rumors: The next part of “Metro” is called Metro Awakening and will be a VR game

The next game in the series of post-apocalyptic shooter Metro from studio 4A Games has been in development for several years and is apparently finally close to a full announcement.

    Image source: Steam ([AAIL]Brain)

Image source: Steam ([AAIL]Brain)

Let’s remember that 4A Games confirmed a new single-player Metro back in November 2020. According to insider Tom Henderson, the game could be played from start to finish in early 2023.

Henderson said that the next Metro will be a sequel to 2019’s Metro Exodus and will begin with a dream scene. The gameplay of the game will be similar to previous versions: shooting, stealth, crafting, searching for resources and so on.

    Image source: Steam

Image source: Steam

If believe User X under the pseudonym Kurakasis, the new Metro is called Metro Awakening, is a virtual reality helmet project and is already announced “very soon”.

Separately Kurakasis clarified, who doesn’t know if Metro Awakening will be exclusive to VR platforms and if there will be a multiplayer mode. Previously, an insider predicted Rebel Wolves and MachineGames’ Indiana Jones fantasy role-playing game titles.

    Image source: X (Kurakasis)

Image source: X (Kurakasis)

There is a possibility that Metro Awakening will be presented along with other projects at the upcoming trade fair State of play broadcasts, which will take place on January 31st. About it reported Nick Baker, co-host of the XboxEra podcast.

The next Metro will be built for PC and ninth generation consoles (PS5, Xbox Series X and S) with a completely redesigned 4A Games engine. Henderson expected the game to be released in 2024.

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