Rumors: the new God of War plans to sell about forty hours of content

The sequel to God of War was announced back in September last year, but since then there have been almost no details about it. According to rumors, it should be shown at the launch of the PlayStation Showcase 2021 on September 9th. However, before the event, David Jaffe, the creator of the first God of War and Twisted Metal, shared a curious detail about the game. According to him, in the upcoming action, they plan to sell about forty hours of content.

Image source: Santa Monica Studio

Image source: Santa Monica Studio

The developer’s statement in the video below (at 2:50) reads: “I heard from people in the know that the game is designed for 40 hours. They [Santa Monica Studio] aim at forty hours. I don’t know if this refers to 100% completion of the Platinum Trophy, or if this is the average game time. “

“Is it guaranteed? No, – continued David Yaffe. – Something is cut, something is added. But what I can say right now is that forty hours of gameplay is what they are counting on in the new God of War. “

According to the site How Long to Beat, the previous part of the series took place in 21 hours, if you follow only the plot. But to complete 100%, it takes 51.5 hours. Judging by this data, forty hours in the new God of War is the average time in the game that the developers are trying to achieve.

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