Rumors The development of the Electronic Arts game about Iron

Rumors: The development of the Electronic Arts game about Iron Man will be taken over by the developers of the Dead Space remake

Giant Bomb journalist Jeff Grubb revealed this on his microblog developerconditions Announcement and Release It’s rumored to be an Electronic Arts game based on Marvel’s Iron Man superhero comics.

    Image Source: Steam (DG47)

Image Source: Steam (DG47)

According to Grubb, Canadian studio EA Motive, which is part of Electronic Arts, will take over the creation of a new video game “Iron Man” after completing production of a remake of Dead Space.

“You won’t have to wait long to hear about it [проекте EA Motive про Железного человека]but to play it you have to be patient”said Grubb.

    Image Source: Twitter (Grubb)

Image Source: Twitter (Grubb)

Grubb added that EA Motive’s Iron Man will be published ahead of Electronic Arts’ Black Panther, led by the former vice president of Monolith Productions. It is said to be worth waiting for the simultaneous release of both at the earliest in three years.

Both Iron Man and Black Panther promise to be single-player superhero action games. Rainier (the codename for the game Black Panther) will also have a large open world.

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