Rumors Tesla is developing its own app store to compete

Rumors: Tesla is developing its own app store to compete with Apple and Google

Tesla may be developing its own app store that will allow owners of the company’s electric vehicles to download software to their cars, similar to what is done with iOS or Android smartphones. About it informed Portal The Driven.

Image Source: ElasticComputeFarm / Pixabay

Image Source: ElasticComputeFarm / Pixabay

Speculation that Tesla was planning to launch its own app store first surfaced last December when the company released an updated user interface for its electric vehicles. A customizable toolbar appeared at the bottom of the interface, prompting enthusiasts to consider Tesla’s intent to launch its digital content platform. Tesla CEO Elon Musk reportedly announced a digital app store during the company’s financial results announcement in late January, but it never materialized.

Image Source: The Driven

Image Source: The Driven

Now interest in the topic has been fueled by Tesla investor Sawyer Merritt, who is on Twitter retweeted Video featuring the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs) introducing the App Store platform. “There are rumors that something similar will soon appear on something with four wheels, starting with the letter T”Merritt added a caption to the posted video.

Later, these rumors were supported by the Teslascope resource, on their Twitter account a message appeared that Tesla has been developing an app store since May 2021 and will launch it before the delivery of the Cybertruck pickup. Official representatives of the automotive group have so far been reluctant to comment on this topic.



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