Rumors Star Wars Outlaws will release earlier than expected if

Rumors: Star Wars Outlaws will release earlier than expected if Ubisoft doesn’t postpone it

Trusted insider Tom Henderson, who has already proven that he has behind-the-scenes information about Ubisoft projects, has revealed the planned release dates for the hotly anticipated Star Wars Outlaws.

  Image source: Ubisoft

Image source: Ubisoft

Let’s remember that Star Wars Outlaws was presented last summer and announced for 2024. In the New Year’s blog, Disney mentioned that the release is expected “at the end” year – the mention was quickly removed, citing erroneous information.

In recent material, dedicated to the state of affairs of Ubisoft, Henderson mentioned that Star Wars Outlaws is actually planned for the first half of 2024, and not at the end of it. An insider on his microblog clarified release dates are even longer.

According to Henderson, Ubisoft is currently aiming to release Star Wars Outlaws sometime in May 2024. However, given recent trends in the company, an insider would not be surprised by the transfer.

The events of Star Wars Outlaws will unfold between the fifth and sixth episodes of the film saga, and players will get the role “cunning scoundrel” Kay Vess, who will be able to explore planets and work for various crime syndicates.

Star Wars Outlaws gameplay will be divided into three parts: exploring cities, the open world and space (on a personal ship). They promise the opportunity to check “one of the greatest heists” and get busy “intergalactic tourism”.

Star Wars Outlaws is being created for PC (Ubisoft Connect), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Ubisoft insists that the development team will not let you down: “We will do everything at the level of quality that our players and fans expect.”.

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