Rumors: racing arcade GRID Legends will hit the track in February 2022

Italian blogger Aggiornamenti Lumia on my personal microblog shared allegedly insider information about the release date of the racing arcade GRID Legends from Electronic Arts and Codemasters.

Image source: Electronic Arts

Image source: Electronic Arts

Recall that GRID Legends was presented at the end of July this year and officially announced for 2022. Since the first (and so far the only) presentation, nothing has been heard about the game.

GRID Legends will go on sale on February 25, 2022, according to Aggiornamenti Lumia. The blogger did not specify the source of this date, but in the past he took information from the Microsoft Store.

Earlier, Aggiornamenti Lumia revealed the release dates for The Ancient Gods, Part Two for DOOM Eternal and the at that time not even announced F1 2021 car racing simulator until the official announcements.

GRID Legends is being developed for PC (Steam), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. The game will offer “Epic story mode”, over 130 routes, race editor, over 100 cars and their customization.

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