Rumors Quantic Dream is working on a comedy fantasy based

Rumors: Quantic Dream is working on a comedy fantasy based on the 2013 tech demo

Studio Quantic Dream announced Star Wars Eclipse in early December. Rumor has it that the writers of Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human are also working on another project – a fantasy comedy. This was announced by Twitter user @AccNgT, who posted screenshots of Star Wars Eclipse a few days before the game was announced.

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According to @AccNgT, Quantic Dream’s second project is based on the technical demo version of The Dark Sorcerer, which was created to demonstrate the capabilities of the engine on the PlayStation 4. It is processed by the Parisian (core) team of the studio.

The game will focus on humor. The plot was written by David Cage and the entourage of the project is fantasy. Apparently, the game will be released before Star Wars Eclipse, as a release is planned on both the current and the last generation of consoles. This will be a multi-platform version. It will also be released on PC.

The cutscene for Dark Sorcerer shows a wizard who uses dark magic. But then it turns out that all of this happens on the set – the performance turns into a comedic sketch.

Detroit: Become Human also started out as a tech demo called Kara

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