Rumors Max Payne 3 could have a two player co op prologue

Rumors: Max Payne 3 could have a two-player co-op prologue

GLHF journalist Kirk McKeand citing his own sources told about Rockstar Games’ unfulfilled plans to add a two-person cooperative prologue to third-person shooter Max Payne 3.

    Image Source: Steam

Image Source: Steam

Remember that in Max Payne 3 there is indeed a cooperative mode (it was added with the Dead Men Walking add-on), but it is presented only in the form of a joint reflection of waves of opponents.

According to McKind’s sources, Rockstar’s original plans were much more ambitious: Max Payne 3 was supposed to start with a co-op mini-campaign between Max Payne and his old colleague.

As a level, they should use modified maps from the single player mode (alleys of New York, a cemetery, the Panama Canal) and locations that were not implemented by it (cultist camp, jewelry mine).

The co-op prologue was developed over a year at Rockstar London. The team even solved the problem of slowing down time for two players (the effect only affected enemies in the user’s field of view), but in the end the mode was canceled.

The emphasis has shifted to multiplayer, and some of the maps from the cooperative prologue ended up in the main campaign. The early end of development was painful for the team, but Max Payne 3 did well.

“I think Max Payne could make for a great co-op campaign, but the game needs to build on that and not fall back on the single player design.”McKinda’s informant concluded.


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