Rumors Konami will release an interactive teaser of the new

Rumors: Konami will release an interactive teaser of the new full-fledged Silent Hill and a series of short stories from the world of the series

Portal Video Games Chronicle (VGC) citing its own sources shared the details two games from the Silent Hill series, rumored to be in development.

    Image source: Konami

Image source: Konami

Recall that last week a verified insider, AestheticGamer (aka Dusk Golem), posted several screenshots from the rumored new Silent Hill, which was rumored to be released as early as October 2021.

According to VGC, this project is codenamed Sakura and is positioned as an interactive teaser (in the vein of PT) to warm up public interest ahead of bigger games.

    Designated frame by Sakura

Designated frame by Sakura

As for the second project, it’s reportedly a serial series of short stories that was rumored back in 2020 and returned to the information space last week thanks to an insider Nate the Hate.

Two VGC whistleblowers mentioned Annapurna Interactive (Outer Wilds, Solar Ash, The Artful Escape) in connection with this project, but whether the company is involved in the production or limited to participating in negotiations is unclear.

Finally, VGC sources confirmed to the publication that Konami plans to release a new full-fledged installment of Silent Hill (Nate the Hate previously spoke about it). Who is developing it is unknown, but a well-known Japanese studio is working on one of the games in the series.

Among other things, the Polish Bloober team is said to be making a remake of the cult game Silent Hill 2. The reboot is rumored to be a temporary console exclusive to the PlayStation, and will feature reimagined puzzles and new endings.


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