Rumors iPad Pro gets MagSafe support wireless charging will

Rumors: iPad Pro gets MagSafe support – wireless charging will be replaced under the Apple logo

Apple is expected to unveil new iPad Pro models later this year. Previous rumors have suggested that the company intends to equip the tablet with a glass back panel, which is required to implement MagSafe Magnetic Wireless Charging. According to a recent leak, the new iPads will not have a glass screen, but wireless charging will still be implemented.

Image source: 9to5Mac

Image source: 9to5Mac

Sources familiar with the development and testing of the upcoming iPad Pros say Apple is unsure about using a glass back for the new tablets, as it’s easier to damage than aluminum and will make the product more brittle. However, the aluminum “back” makes it impossible to charge with MagSafe. But Apple found a way out. According to 9to5Mac, the company has developed prototype iPad Pros with a larger glass logo than current models. Under the “bullseye” is the coil receiver for wireless charging. The test prototype also has stronger magnets and supports charging at faster speeds than MagSafe for the iPhone.

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It is also reported that the new iPad Pro will get bigger batteries. As for other innovations, Apple is considering changing the look of the tablet by adding a notch in the display to make the iPad Pro look like other company products. However, this change is experimental and likely won’t appear in this year’s models.

The new iPad Pros are expected to be presented in the first half of 2022.



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