Rumors Hellblade Sequel And RPG Avowed Coming Soon To Starfield

Rumors: Hellblade Sequel And RPG Avowed Coming Soon To Starfield, But New Fable Will Have To Wait

Journalist Jordan Miller and Video Games Chronicle Editor-in-Chile Andy Robinson in a recent podcast episode discussed the order of release of major games from Microsoft after the release of Starfield.

    Image source: Xbox Game Studios

Image source: Xbox Game Studios

According to journalists, after the release of Starfield, the Redmonds’ next big release will be a sequel to Hellbade, followed by Avowed. But the release of Fable will have to wait, since the full-fledged production of the project has only recently begun. Jordan Miller said in the VGC podcast that the developers of Playground Games couldn’t decide for a long time what exactly the new Fable should be.

“I’m not sure if they’ve made an original Fable-style game now, that would be what people want.” – the editor-in-chief of the approved publication. Discussions about the new concept of Fable have been going on within the walls of the development studio for the last two years. Jordan Miller also said that Playground Games employees now use the phrase often when talking about the new Fable “Like the Witcher”.

Starfield will be released on PC, Xbox Series X and S this year. An online event dedicated to the game may be announced before the end of this week.

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