Rumors Apples ARVR headset will cost more than 2000 and

Rumors: Apple’s AR/VR headset will cost more than $2,000 and will focus on gaming, video viewing and communication

Apple’s much-anticipated AR/VR headset was recently rumored to be suffering from overheating, camera and software issues that could force the manufacturer to delay the device’s release. Yet, Well-known Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman (Mark Gurman), specializing in Apple, revealed new details about the upcoming new product.

Source: CristianFerronato/

Source: CristianFerronato/

In previous materials, Mark Gurman reported that the headset was “expensive,” but didn’t specify how much. Though some analysts predicted the model would cost around $3,000, Gurman now claims it will cost buyers just over $2,000.

Apple traditionally charges higher prices than comparable product manufacturers – which is largely why the company is one of the most profitable companies in the consumer electronics market. Gurman also said that the manufacturer will probably use the expensive M1 Pro chipset or a similar solution in its AR/VR headset.

According to Gurman’s forecasts, the novelty will be equipped with two processors. One of them will be comparable to the M1 Pro used in MacBook Pro laptops. The electronics are combined with high-resolution 8K displays and interchangeable correction optics to suit the user’s vision. The probable use of the most modern audio technologies is worth mentioning. The headset is expected to be designed for gaming, working with media content, and communicating.

Source: activedia/

Source: activedia/

The gaming component becomes one of the most important for the ecosystem when you consider the use of dual processors, a powerful cooling system, extremely high-resolution displays and support for its own app store. It’s possible that Apple devices will become the most attractive to game developers, especially when the company curbs its appetite and finally starts charging lower transaction fees and allowing payments through third-party systems everywhere.

It is also expected that Apple will enter into agreements for the delivery of media content (videos and more) with leading studios, bloggers and other content producers. The content is specially developed for viewing on VR headsets. Finally, VR analogues of FaceTime and Zoom can appear for communication.

According to Gurman, Apple may be calling its headset Apple Vision, Apple Reality, Apple Sight/iSight or Apple Lens, maybe even Apple Goggles, but so far these are just conjectures by the well-known journalist based on his experience and not supported by any real data. The new model could be unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event this year. In the worst case, the novelty could appear in 2023 at the earliest.



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