Rumors: Alan Wake remaster runs on Control engine and supports ray tracing

A few days earlier, a reputable insider announced the imminent announcement of the remaster Alan Wake, which is due to take place this week. Judging by the revealed covers, the updated game is planned to be released on PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. Now the NintendoPal portal, citing its sources, uncovered a few technical details of the project.

Source: Remedy Entertainment

Source: Remedy Entertainment

  • Alan Wake Remastered will use the Northlight engine that Remedy Entertainment used in Control.
  • The remaster will get ray tracing support for reflections on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, but not on previous generation consoles.
  • The game will run at 60 fps.
  • No Nintendo Switch version planned.
  • The remaster will receive higher resolution and better graphics on PS4 and Xbox One compared to the original release.

According to rumors, the release of Alan Wake Remastered is scheduled for October 5th. So far, Remedy has not provided any comments. According to media reports, the studio has recently begun active development of a full-fledged sequel.

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