RPG action platformer Salt and Sacrifice is hitting shelves later

RPG action platformer Salt and Sacrifice is hitting shelves later than planned

Developers from Ska Studios and Devoured Studios in a post for Official PlayStation Blog announced the exact release date of their roleplaying action platformer Salt and Sacrifice.

Image Credit: Ska Studios

Image Credit: Ska Studios

Recall that Salt and Sacrifice was officially unveiled in June 2021 and until recently was expected to be released in the first quarter (i.e. from January to March) of the current year.

As has become known, the developers will not come in time for the planned date: Salt and Sacrifice will go on sale on May 10 this year for PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The cost of the game at launch will be $20.

The 1.5-minute trailer released to accompany the announcement is dedicated to the PvP component of Salt and Sacrifice – players can both help other inquisitors and invade their sessions to destroy the opponent.

In Salt and Sacrifice, players take on the role of the well-known Inquisitor – a criminal sentenced to death but pardoned in exchange for an oath to hunt down and kill mages who roam the world wreaking havoc.


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