RPG action platformer Mandragora needed financial help the game went

RPG action-platformer Mandragora needed financial help – the game went to Kickstarter

Developer of the independent Hungarian studio Primal announced about entering the service kickstarters Fundraising campaigns for the production of their action role-playing platformer Mandragora.

    Image source: Primal Game Studio

Image source: Primal Game Studio

According to the developers, Mandragora was funded primarily out of pocket (co-investors also helped), but the team needs additional financial backing to complete the project.

Marvelous Europe handles the international distribution, marketing and translation of the game into various languages, but does not sponsor the creation process.

The development of Mandragora started in 2018 and is now well advanced: the main elements are in place, many bosses, classes and abilities are almost ready, the company structure is in place and the storylines are written out.

The crowdfunding initiative will continue for another 34 days. To date, players have donated just over $30,000 towards Mandragora’s development, with $110,000 declared as the main goal.

Depending on the amount of donation chosen, Mandragora contributors can count on a range of digital and physical rewards, from access to a closed beta to appearing as an in-game NPC.

Mandragora is expected to be released in the second half of 2023 on PC (Steam), PS5, Xbox Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch. The developers promise to think about releasing the game on the consoles of the previous and not yet launched next generations.

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