RPCSX was the first PS4 emulator to run Bloodborne on

RPCSX was the first PS4 emulator to run Bloodborne on PC, but there’s a caveat

When the developers of RPCS3 announced plans for a PS4 emulator in early July, they set themselves the task of launching full-fledged PS4 games through the utility. A month later, the first step in this direction has already been taken.

    Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The BrutalSam blogger demonstrated on his YouTube channel that the current version of RPCSX (that’s the name of the PS4 emulator from the makers of RPCS3) can run the cult action Bloodborne that fans are dying to see on PC.

The version of Bloodborne launched via RPCSX looks like a black screen – the emulator does not display graphics yet, but does not crash when opening the application (CPU and graphics card utilization is 80%).

Given the initial stage of development, releasing a AAA rated game with RPCSX is an impressive achievement, even if it may seem otherwise at first glance. portal wccftech concludes that this is the first step in bringing Bloodborne to PC.

It’s also worth noting that RPCSX is the only PS4 emulator currently available (see below). spineKyty, fpPS4, GPCS4, Orbital) that allow Bloodborne to run even on a black screen.

Discussion of RPCSX success in the forum RedditUsers are already wondering what will happen first: PS4 emulators will be able to play Bloodborne fully on PC, or Sony will release an official port.

Bloodborne was released exclusively on PS4 in March 2015 and sold over 2 million copies in six months, exceeding publishers’ expectations and gaining cult status in the community. RPCSX is in early development for Linux.

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