Rostec has created a USB flash drive with the function of physical self-destruction

Rostec State Corporation announced the creation of a flash drive with the ability to physically destroy the information stored on it at the touch of a button. It was developed by the specialists of JSC NPP Krasnoznamenets of the Technodinamika holding, which is part of the state corporation.

Image source: rostec.ru

Image source: rostec.ru

In a flash drive, all components – a memory chip, batteries and controls – are housed in a single housing. At the end of the body there is a button, pressing which with the help of the power source activates the electric detonator. As a result, the printed circuit board is burned through with a cumulative jet, so that the information stored on it cannot be restored.

The flash drive is absolutely safe for the user, since the integrity of the case is not violated when the detonator is triggered.

“In today’s digital world, data security requires special attention. We have created a new device that is able to reliably protect information from unauthorized access: the impossibility of data recovery has been confirmed by the expertise. In the future, it is necessary to test the device for safety during long-term storage, for resistance to mechanical and climatic factors, as well as work out various options for the design of the case “, – said the general director of the holding “Technodinamika” Igor Nasenkov.

Potential consumers of the novelty can be government agencies, as well as companies that use confidential information in their work. The external appearance of the flash drive, as well as the amount of its memory, can be any at the customer’s choice. The timing of the release of the novelty is not yet known.

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