Roleplaying Tactics King Arthur Knights Tale was expanded with new

Roleplaying Tactics King Arthur: Knight’s Tale was expanded with new content and started to take up much less disk space

Developer of the Hungarian studio NeocoreGames reported on the release of The Chained God, the first free seasonal update for his tactical RPG King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

    Image source: NeocoreGames

Image source: NeocoreGames

Recall that The Chained God offers to take control of the powerful Fomorians – the giants of Avalon (the main enemy faction in Knight’s Tale), – a set of story missions and new gameplay elements (soul fragments, soul traders) .

Among other things, the patch overhauled the endgame (20 new missions, more difficult bosses), significantly reduced the disk space occupied by the game (by 60% or almost 70 GB) and added difficulty levels to the roguelite mode.

Finally, The Chained God update brought numerous minor improvements (like translating intro cutscenes) and balance adjustments. The full list of changes can be found in steam.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale was released on Steam on April 26th (35% off as part of the summer sale) and is set to be released on PS5, Xbox Series X and S in the future. The game features a hybrid of turn-based tactical and traditional RPGs, as well as complex moral decisions.

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