Roki’s Scandinavian Adventure Coming To Next Generation Consoles By End Of October

United Label and developers from the British independent studio Polygon Treehouse announced the imminent expansion of the platform geography of his Scandinavian adventure Roki.

Image source: United Label

Image source: United Label

As it became known, already on October 28 of this year, Roki will go on sale for the current generation consoles – PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S. The cost of the upcoming release is not named.

It is reported that the new Roki consoles will work in 4K resolution and at 60 frames / s. The announcement trailer for the PS5, Xbox Series X and S versions attached below can also be viewed with these parameters.

Recall that Roki events unfold in the world of fairy tales and myths inspired by Scandinavian folklore. As part of the adventure, players in the role of the girl Towa will need to save their family.

Roki debuted on PC (Steam, GOG) in July 2020, and made it to the Nintendo Switch in October of that year. The age rating was also received by the PS4 version at one time, but the game never came out on this platform.

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