Rockstar hinted at the appearance of fast travel in GTA

Rockstar hinted at the appearance of fast travel in GTA Online – maybe the system will be added to GTA VI

Featured Grand Theft Auto Online players have Rockstar Games survey to learn about the company’s plans for developing the promotion. In particular, the developers are considering adding a Red Dead Online-style fast travel feature and allowing free access to their games.

    Grand Theft Auto V. Image Source: Steam

Grand Theft Auto V. Image Source: Steam

As said Twitter user Tez2, the survey offering in-game GTA$ as a reward for answers, was received only by subscribers to the GTA + service, who can access exclusive discounts, additional virtual currency and various bonuses. The developers asked which features players use most and least often and how popular the feature is. “Immediate free travel in Los Santos and Blaine County”. It also mentions a free access service “Classic Rockstar Games” (apparently in the manner of Xbox Game Pass and EA Play).

Players believe the creators will test the fast travel feature before implementing it in Grand Theft Auto VI. Fans expected that the map in the new part will be one and a half times larger than in the fifth (however, mainly because of the water area with small islands).

Unlike Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online, where players can quickly get to the right place for an in-game payment, Grand Theft Auto Online does not have available ways to speed up movement. there is only several expensive options – for example, on a submarine “Orca”, a helicopter (for CEOs) or a yacht. And although the game offers a wide range of land, air and water transport, some users would like to see this feature in it.

However, the innovation should not please everyone: users suggest that fast travel will be a privilege for GTA + subscribers. In this case, they can earn GTA dollars much faster than regular players.


The Orca Submarine is one of the few fast travel options in GTA Online (Image:

Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, earlier this month explainedthat the big leak in September will not affect the development of Grand Theft Auto VI. At the same time, a financial report was released, in which Rockstar Games spoke of 385 million copies sold of all games in the Grand Theft Auto series, of which 170 million units accounted for one-fifth.

shareware Grand Theft Auto Online launched on October 1, 2013, two weeks after publication Grand Theft Auto v.

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