Rockstar has removed the long-suffering Agent page from its website, but has not announced the cancellation of the game

User Twitter under the pseudonym CyberBlacks noticed that the page of the long-suffering spy action Agent Agent was missing from the official website of the Rockstar Games studio.

Image Source: Rockstar Games

Image Source: Rockstar Games

Recall that Agent was officially presented at E3 2009.Since then, there has been no news about the game, and in 2018, Take-Two Interactive (owner of Rockstar Games) refused to renew the rights to the corresponding trademark.

Now, apparently, Rockstar Games has decided that the game announced 12 years ago has no place on its website: the only official image (see above) and a small description of the project have sunk into oblivion.

Portal journalists Polygon asked Rockstar Games for comment on what happened, but the studio did not comment on this topic. Agent itself, meanwhile, has not yet been officially canceled.

Agent events were supposed to unfold in the 70s of the last century during the Cold War, and the game was positioned as “A paranoid journey into the world of counterintelligence, espionage and political assassination”

Despite the fact that since the time of the announcement, Agent has not received a single demonstration, by the end of 2015 screenshots were leaked to the Network, giving an idea of ​​how the game might have looked in 2009-2010.

Agent was announced exclusively for the PlayStation 3 and was originally slated for release in 2010. The official developer of the project was Rockstar North (Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption series).

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