Roblox will conduct video calls with avatars that can convey

Roblox will conduct video calls with avatars that can convey facial expressions

At the annual developer conference, the administration of the gaming platform Roblox announced plans to expand the audience. The company had previously stated that it would allow content for viewers above 17 years of age and the video calling feature with animated avatars would fall into this category.

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Roblox Connect users can call and host virtual meetings via video in a format that combines the features of Zoom and Apple Memoji in its own unique way. Roblox, which already has developments in the field of facial motion capture technologies, offers to hold meetings in virtual space – examples of a pier and a campsite are given.

In the near future, avatars will be able to accurately reflect the user’s facial expressions and even blink with the same frequency, the developers promised. And it won’t just be limited to facial expressions – the company is working on making the movements of the entire upper half of the body more realistic. According to the presentation, motion capture technology will be used, similar to that used in Hollywood, but adapted to work on simple consumer devices without additional equipment.

The Roblox administration also announced that the platform will be available on PS4 and PS5 consoles in October. After Fortnite, the project is actively expanding its cross-platform presence, and Sony console owners will help expand its audience.

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