Roadwarden the road of misadventures review

Roadwarden – the road of misadventures. review

Text role-playing games often do not fall into the informational realm. From the representatives of the genre only the last year was powerful The Life and Passion of Sir Brante Yes, very small projects in the spirit of Tin Star. And this is perhaps understandable – such games carry certain risks. A modern gamer may simply not be interested in reading a text for twenty or forty hours, accompanied by picturesque illustrations, and there are no usual dynamics of role-playing games in such projects. And yet they have their very own charm of a literary adventure that has come to life, which pulls you in without a trace, even if the sword swing or the epic fight are not visualized through three-dimensional animations, but through our own imagination. The main thing is that the text base should be captivating. And Roadwarden excels in this area with brilliance.  The illustrations are imbued with a cold and oppressive anticipation of something inevitable and terrible...

The illustrations are imbued with a cold and oppressive anticipation of something inevitable and terrible…

Way of the Guardian

A road attendant’s job is dangerous, difficult, and promises early death or early retirement. But people are okay with it because the carers are respected for their selfless work and the pay is decent. The daredevils who choose this service will have to maintain order outside the walls of the big city, help the sufferers along the way, complete various tasks, cleanse the great street of monsters (including those with human faces) and solve dozens of other problems .

An important mission is immediately placed on our ward’s shoulders to find the missing guardian – our predecessor named Asterion. The case of his mysterious disappearance is filled with more and more details that lead us to unknown places. And these, in turn, are full of their own dark secrets. Secrets that we can also touch if we dare…

You can write anything, but you need to think carefully to get the right answer

For example, we can try to find out the secret of the Dark Altar in the swamps, where you need to make a specific offering. And he’s somehow connected to an equally spooky tree nearby. Or we’re free to take on a detective investigation: to find out what happened to a once-prosperous village ten years ago. What happened here was so significant that the ruins of the settlement still cause inexplicable discomfort among travelers today.

There are also ordinary tasks: for example, lead a looter to a certain village, deal with a gang of thugs, or find a way to remove a fallen tree from the road that is blocking the passage. And the further we go on our way, the more such difficulties we have to solve. The number of cases grows like a snowball, absorbing us without a trace and forcing us to read line by line with greed. And no wonder: everything here is written in a pleasant literary language (unfortunately there is no translation in Roadwarden) and a clever style. The narrative skillfully plays with atmosphere and expectations, and most importantly, creates rich, ambiguous characters and an immersive world. Being here is excruciating and painful, but at the same time there is hope to make this awful place at least a little bit better.

    The success of certain checks, as well as the appearance of additional options in dialogs and actions, largely depends on the choice of class.

The success of certain checks, as well as the appearance of additional options in dialogs and actions, largely depends on the choice of class.

Dangerous distances

In our quest, we often have to make difficult choices! The first will be literally at the beginning of the game when you have to choose the difficulty level (which cannot be changed during gameplay). It determines the time to complete the main tasks of the guardian, as well as the damage received and, of course, the amount of initial resources. The choice is really difficult, because just a few critical errors when passing a high or even medium difficulty can force you to restart the game (or from a distant stand).

Other decisions relate to combat situations, dialogue options, or choice of path. Almost every check threatens to lose (but sometimes gain) one of the key parameters – vitality, armor, saturation or purity. If everything is clear with the first two, then it is worth considering the other two in more detail. Diet is responsible for the hero’s strength, and an empty stomach definitely affects the success of strength tests. The indicator of cleanliness shows how others treat us. With a muddy face and a thick cloud of amber, we can hardly be called enviable interlocutors, and as a result, the success of any negotiations can be jeopardized.

    The image opens as we walk through the village in text

The image opens as we “advance” through the village in the text. A very atmospheric one

Incidentally, one can lose attributes with frightening ease. It is enough to get too carried away with the study of the world and completely forget that the night is coming. Suddenly we find ourselves far away from settlements, and deadly dangers are all around us, which for the time being remained hidden from the sun’s rays. But how lucky, after breaking through the darkness, to find yourself in a town where there’s an overnight stay and maybe a new mystery.

That surprises and delights Roadwarden – it picks us up and carries us through a series of adventures without catching our breath. For some reason, this experience reminded me of the impressions from TES V: Skyrim, where there is a small (or big) adventure waiting for you literally around every corner. Of course, it doesn’t have the same visual scope here (remember, this is a text-based game with static illustrations), but you only have to let Roadwarden draw you into his mysterious and scary world, and now it’s already getting so familiar and so alluring .


  • meticulously crafted world and characters;
  • strange RPG mechanics and rather heavy complexity;
  • superbly designed atmosphere.


  • at some points the authors get too carried away by the textual presentation and easily break the rhythm of the narrative;
  • Without a good knowledge of English, it will be difficult to play Roadwarden.


The illustrations, which visualize the locations and some of the events in Roadwarden, are incredibly high-quality, detailed and perfectly set the atmosphere. And that’s perhaps all that can be said about the project’s schedule.


Sometimes mysterious, sometimes enchanting, and sometimes terrifyingly terrifying, the music is the perfect backdrop to adventure in the world of Roadwarden.

The sound design is also successful and literally breathed life into the expressive illustrations and text narratives.

single player game

A captivating, mysterious and dark text-based RPG adventure.

Estimated travel time

Much depends on the reading speed, but on average the main campaign can be overcome in fifteen to twenty hours. Or more if you get carried away with side stories.

collective game

Not provided.

overall impression

An entertaining text role-playing game, cleverly written, incredibly atmospheric and fascinating with its stories.

Rating: 8.0/10

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