Rivian still expects to be able to produce 25000 electric

Rivian still expects to be able to produce 25,000 electric vehicles by the end of the year

Initially, the young American company Rivian expected to produce 50,000 electric vehicles this year, but in March this plan was halved and the cost of newly ordered cars increased significantly to offset the manufacturer’s increased costs. However, in the third quarter, Rivian managed to increase the production volume of electric vehicles by 67% to 7363 units and kept the annual forecast at the same level.

    Image source: Rivian

Image source: Rivian

In fact, in the third quarter, the company managed to assemble a record 7,363 electric vehicles for itself and delivered 6,584 to customers. Production volume increased by 67% compared to the second quarter of this year, and this is a very serious increase considering the lack of components and problems with logistics. In total, Rivian has managed to produce 14,317 electric vehicles since the beginning of the year. To reach the annual target of 25,000 units, the company needs to produce more than 10,000 cars in the remaining three months of the year. Against the background of the progress made in the third quarter, such a goal does not seem all that unattainable.

Rivian now builds the R1T electric pickups and related R1S SUVs and commercial vans for Amazon, which remains a major shareholder in the fledgling automaker. The cars will be assembled at a facility in Illinois, but Rivian does not provide separate statistics on the number of specific EV models assembled. It wasn’t until late August that R1S crossovers arrived for non-Rivian employees. In July, the company had to lay off staff and stop taking orders for basic electric vehicle equipment. As of May this year, Rivian had 90,000 orders, so demand needs to be met at least until 2024.


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