Rising memory prices make Samsung the number one semiconductor vendor

Rising memory prices make Samsung the number one semiconductor vendor based on revenue

There is still a week to go before Intel’s quarterly report, but that did not stop the specialists gardener To draw preliminary conclusions about the direction of forces in the semiconductor components market. According to the source, last year Samsung Electronics regained its lost status as the largest player in the market in terms of revenue. Intel Corporation increased revenue by just 0.5%, falling to second place.

Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

It should be added that Intel has been the market leader since 2018, although Samsung had held this post before that. The factors that contributed to Samsung Electronics’ revenge are clear: high demand for memory and rising prices allowed the company to increase its sales by 31.6% to $76 billion, while Samsung’s earnings from the sale of memory chips rose 34.2%.

Looking at the semiconductor segment’s revenue as a whole, it surpassed $500 billion for the first time, up 25.1% year over year to $583 billion of total market growth in terms of revenue. Within the memory chip segment, DRAM was the main growth driver, increasing core sales by 40.4% to $92.5 billion. Average selling prices for this type of memory chip increased by double digits.

Image source: TSMC

Image source: TSMC

The proliferation of 5G-enabled smartphones has also contributed to revenue growth in the semiconductor market. In quantitative terms, the delivery volume of the corresponding devices doubled, in monetary terms sales rose from 250 to 555 million US dollars. Sanctions undermined the position of HiSilicon, as a result of which income from the sale of processors fell from 8.2 to 1 billion US dollars.

Overall, memory makers in the top four posted revenue growth of at least 29.1%, while processor vendors Texas Instruments and MediaTek swapped positions, pushing the latter to seventh place on growing demand for mobile processors for smartphones. NVIDIA moved up from 10th to 9th place and grew revenue 1.5x, but AMD (64.4%) emerged as the leader in revenue growth, closing out the top 10 players and the previously occupied 14th. leaves place. The top 10 semiconductor vendors accounted for nearly 56% of semiconductor sales last year.


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