Resellers sell DDR5 memory kits for 2000 or more

Resellers sell DDR5 memory kits for $ 2,000 or more

This was to be expected. The shortage of DDR5 memory modules has attracted the interest of resellers who sweep all the available offers in stores and resell them at secondary trade sites. As writes PCMag, on the same eBay you can find offers for the sale of DDR5 kits for $ 2000 and even higher.

Image source: eBay

Image source: eBay

Sales of DDR5 RAM modules began about a month ago, along with the release of Intel Alder Lake processors. The new memory was offered at prices ranging from $ 116 to $ 369, which is already more expensive than the still current offers in the form of DDR4 modules. However, now it is almost impossible to find DDR5 memory modules in stores. But secondary trading sites like eBay are teeming with fresh offers.

Resellers sell DDR5 memory kits for 2000 or more

One vendor, for example, offers a DDR5 memory kit of two 8GB modules (16GB total) from Oloy for $ 800, while the regular price for the kit was just $ 160. Prices for sets of RAM with a total volume of 32 GB (two of 16 GB) are offered even more expensive. Prices range from $ 1,200 to $ 2,500. For example, one retailer is offering two sets of 32GB Corsair memory for “only” $ 5,000.

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Despite the price insanity, data from eBay shows that some people are actually willing to give that kind of money. At least 15 DDR5 RAM kits have been sold on the platform, with price tags ranging from $ 1,099 to $ 2,500, according to Terapeak monitoring. At the moment, the offers of resellers are limited. As writes PCMag, as of the current Tuesday, there were only 20 offers on the sale of various DDR5 memory kits on the site.

1637700484 114 Resellers sell DDR5 memory kits for 2000 or more

As it became known earlier, the main reasons for the lack of DDR5 RAM are associated with a shortage of integrated circuit components for power management (PMIC). Previously, this element was installed on a printed circuit board of motherboards. In the new DDR5 memory standard, the voltage controller is located directly on the printed circuit board of the memory module itself. The manufacturing cost of PMICs for DDR5 is much higher than for DDR4. In addition, in conditions of a shortage of semiconductors, the waiting time for the supply of these components increased to 35 weeks.


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