Researchers believe hydrogen vehicles have no future

Researchers believe hydrogen vehicles have no future

Skeptics about the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier in road traffic are even among the pioneers in this direction, which also includes the Honda Motor Company. External researchers also argue that it is easier and cheaper to invest in charging infrastructure for battery electric vehicles than in a hydrogen production and storage ecosystem.

Image source: Nikola Motor

Image source: Nikola Motor

As explained electric with reference to research data published in the journal by German scientists natureNot only is land transport on hydrogen fuel cells less efficient in energy consumption throughout the transmission chain, its expansion also entails enormous infrastructure development costs that may not be justified in the long term.

According to the study’s authors, mass production of trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells will not begin until 2027, and by then a new generation of traction batteries will appear that can provide decent range on a single charge. 1 MW fast charging stations will also be put into operation, enabling commercial battery-powered trucks to be used over long distances.

The main argument for the use of hydrogen in the commercial transport sector has been the more attractive combination of range and refill time as well as the lower weight of the corresponding power plant. According to the researchers, the costs of equipping the infrastructure for the production, transport and storage of hydrogen will ultimately not be justified, while battery electric vehicles can largely fall back on the existing power grid.

Scientists are convinced that hydrogen will not justify itself in the passenger car segment, although Toyota and Hyundai continue to finance corresponding programs and the Korean carmaker has already become the segment leader. Truck manufacturers are less categorical – Daimler believes it is necessary to develop both directions in the production of electric trucks. Nikola Motor Company has grown more sympathetic to battery-powered trucks over time, though it’s not dismissing hydrogen fuel cell versions.


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