Report from the Zalman booth at Computex 2023 Cases power

Report from the Zalman booth at Computex 2023: Cases, power supplies and cooling systems – all with displays

Zalman brought many exciting new products to Taiwan’s Computex 2023 exhibition, including cases, air and liquid cooling systems, power supplies, and various peripherals for gamers. In this article we will tell you more about all the new products.

The heart of the Zalman booth was the P50 case. Its front and side panels are made of tempered glass and there is no metal stand in between, allowing for an excellent view of the suitcase’s contents. Both panels can be easily removed without tools.

Another important feature of the Zelman P50 is that it is equipped with an information display at the bottom of the side panel. It is able to display data on CPU usage and temperature, fan speed and many other parameters. The display is configured via a special application. And a representative of Zalman noted that in the future the design of the interface of this display will be made more minimalist.

Although the front panel is glass and you can’t place fans behind it, the case supports up to ten 120mm fans: three each on the top and side panels, one on the back, and three more on the cover separating the case power supply and drives. The housing also supports LSS with emitters up to 360 mm. Inside there is enough space for an ATX mainboard, a large graphics card and a huge cooler.

Zalman also showed the P30 case, a smaller version of the P50. This case also has glass panels on the front and sides, but doesn’t have an information display. Micro-ATX boards and the installation of up to nine 120 mm fans are supported – there is less than one seat in the side panel.

She demonstrated Zalman and other cases with information displays similar to those on the P50. For example, the S6 model has the screen in the center of the front panel, while the M5 body has the screen in the top-right corner of the front panel.

However, the pinnacle of the idea of ​​​​a body with an integrated display was the Zalman Z10 D5 model – most of its front panel is a display. The screen has a diagonal of 15.6 inches and a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels and is intended to be used as an additional monitor for a PC. The display is built on an IPS panel with a brightness of up to 250 cd/m²2.

Note that the display is hinged so it can be opened for better ventilation – there are fans behind the screen. In addition, the screen can be completely removed if necessary. The connection is made via the HDMI interface, the power supply for the screen is provided by the power supply of the computer itself.

Zalman didn’t just add screens to cases — the company introduced new processor cooling systems with displays at Computex 2023. The CNPS13X and CNPS13X Plus air coolers received small displays that show the processor temperature (more precisely, the temperature of the cooler base). They sit on top of the cooling systems and are surrounded by customizable RGB lighting.

The CNPS13X cooler itself is a traditional dual-fan “tower”, while the CNPS13X Plus features a dual-tower design, also with two fans. The heat pipes are mounted on the base and are in direct contact with the CPU cover. The CNPS13X is said to be able to handle TDPs of up to 230W, while the CNPS13X Plus is capable of 280W.

The Zalman Alpha A24 and Alpha A36 maintenance-free liquid cooling systems (with 240 mm and 360 mm radiators, respectively) received the same temperature indicators as air coolers. They are on the pump cover. By the way, this cover is made of aluminum and is ribbed, which ensures better cooling of the pump itself.

LSS are compatible with Intel and AMD processors, including the latest in LGA 1700 and socket AM5 versions. The fans have customizable RGB lighting. The latter, by the way, have a unique shape: their blades are connected by a ring, which provides better airflow direction, and they also have transverse “fins”, which are also designed to improve fan performance.

They also showed the LSS, which has a large circular display built into the pump cover that can show either various information about the state of the system (temperature, load, etc.) or some kind of image (including animated ones).

Zalman showed a power supply with an integrated display that shows a lot of useful information: fan speed, output power, input voltage, as well as real output voltages on the 3.3, 5 and 12V lines. The power supply delivers 1200 W of power, is fully modular and 80 Plus Platinum certified.

Finally, a word about gaming peripherals. There are already no built-in displays. Zalman showed various mechanical gaming keyboards.

The Spring Rider model, for example, has a heavy aluminum base that provides stability – it’s not so easy to move the keyboard from its place. Geteron Yellow Pro V2 switches are hot swappable. The keyboard can be used in both wired and wireless mode via Bluetooth 5.1 or via a 2.4 GHz radio channel. The built-in battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh. There is an adjustable backlight.

Zalman also showed off a gaming mouse with interchangeable top covers. To get the lightest “rodent” you can use a perforated cover. If you don’t like this option, a fixed cover is included in the kit.

Finally, various gaming headsets were demonstrated. For those who don’t like big headphones, Zalman has introduced the ZM-XP1 and ZM-XP2 earbuds. Interestingly, unlike traditional wired headsets designed for smartphones, the microphone here moves away from the earbud itself, like full-size on-ear headsets. The microphone is detachable.

Showcasing Zalman and traditional gaming headsets, both wired and wireless, with different design options and features. For example, the HPS700W and HPS800W models have received a minimalist design that is now in great demand.

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