Report from the Deepcool booth at Computex 2023 power supplies

Report from the Deepcool booth at Computex 2023: power supplies, a transformer case and many different coolers

Deepcool presented its latest cases, power supplies, as well as cooling systems, both air and liquid, at Computex 2023, held in the capital of Taiwan, Taipei. We’ve examined all the new items and we’ll tell you more about them here.

Perhaps Deepcool’s most notable and eye-catching exhibit was its flagship Morpheus computer case, the main feature of which is a partially modular design that allows you to change the internal structure of the case to accommodate one or two computer systems at once. To do this, the rear wall is made interchangeable and the internal parts can be rearranged.

In the single-system version, the mainboard tray is mounted closer to the right side panel, leaving plenty of room for cable routing on the back and space for a tall CPU cooler and horizontal mounting of a powerful and large graphics card on the front is . In this configuration, the bottom is separated by a bulkhead that separates the power supply and multiple drive bays.

In a dual-system configuration, the mainboard tray is moved closer to the center of the case. It is assumed that in this mode the graphics card should be oriented vertically, and liquid cooling is used for the processor. Interestingly, there are plenty of fan slots in both cases, including at least six 140mm fan slots. Also note that you can change the layout of the case without tools.

For now, Deepcool has only presented white and black case options – the turquoise version shown on the stand was specially designed for the show, but it won’t be offered to consumers, at least for now.

Deepcool and the monstrous air cooler Assassin IV were shown in a new white color – previously the novelty was only seen in black. This cube-shaped cooling system includes seven heat pipes, two radiators, two fans (120 and 140 mm) and weighs around 1.5 kg. The novelty can compete with LSS, since it copes with processors with a TDP of up to 280 watts.

Deepcool also showed white versions of its other air coolers – representatives of the AK Digital family. The data of the cooling system is distinguished by the presence of a digital display on the top, which shows various information about the state of the system, in particular, the CPU temperature (there is a thermocouple built into the bottom of the cooler) or the load on the cooling fans. However, if the temperature is too high, the display flashes as a warning.

In total, Deepcool has four models of this series: AK400 Digital, AK500 Digital, AK500S Digital and AK620 Digital, which are now available in both black and white. They differ among themselves in size, power and, accordingly, the ability to cope with the cooling of certain processors.

Deepcool showed the AN600 air cooler with top-flow design, that is, its fan is located at the top, parallel to the base. The novelty is only 40 mm high and can therefore also be used in very compact housings. At the same time, the manufacturer claims that the AN600 can cope with even the most powerful modern chips (TDP up to 160 W).

The fan lighting is also interesting here: it is located in the middle part of the propeller and highlights the fan motor.

Deepcool also showed the LT820 AIO liquid cooling system with a huge 420mm radiator at its booth. It is equipped with three 140mm fans. This LSS is positioned as a solution for enthusiasts and specifically for overclocking even the most powerful processors – the company claims it can handle the Core i9-13900K with a 20% overclock. The novelty also has an interesting backlit pump design. The price will be between $160 and $180.

Finally, power supplies from the PX-P series were also shown. Earlier this year, Deepcool introduced similar solutions in the PX-G series. The main difference between the new products is that they have an energy efficiency certificate of 80 Plus Platinum versus 80 Plus Gold for the previously presented models. Power supplies are available in 1000 and 1300W versions, support the ATX 3.0 standard and have 12VHPWR connectors.

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