Report from the Cooler Master booth at Computex 2023 unusual

Report from the Cooler Master booth at Computex 2023: unusual cases, powerful coolers and experimental solutions

As part of Computex 2023, Cooler Master invited journalists to its new headquarters in Taipei, where they organized an extensive exhibition of their latest products. The manufacturer showed all kinds of cooling systems, cases, power supplies, peripherals and various experimental solutions. In this article we will tell you about the most interesting news.

Cooler Master has introduced the Qube 500 flat pack case, which is characterized by the fact that it comes disassembled in a flat pizza box-like box. The solution requires significantly less space than conventional suitcases, which has a positive effect on the delivery of the suitcase to the branch. The company notes the eco-friendliness of this approach: more boxes can be delivered at once, reducing the impact on the environment through fewer transport emissions.

The outer walls of the case are perforated, which ensures good ventilation. Despite the relatively compact dimensions of 380 × 231 × 381 mm, the new product offers space for mainboards up to the E-ATX form factor, CPU coolers up to 172 mm in height and large graphics cards up to 365 mm and also supports LSS with radiators up to 280 mm.

Another interesting case from Cooler Master is the compact case of the Ncore 100 Max. It’s a tower with a height of 481 mm and a footprint of 172 × 212 mm, with room for a huge GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card and a liquid cooling system offers. However, the latter will only be limited to a 120 mm radiator. Nevertheless, the housing enables the construction of a compact, elegant and powerful system.

And Cooler Master showed a huge conceptual case. In addition to its huge dimensions, it houses a liquid cooling system with a 420mm radiator and a thickness of 38mm – LSS radiators are usually thinner. Even from the inside of the front panel of the case, there is a backlight illuminating all the contents.

By the way about SJO. Cooler Master introduced square connectors for custom liquid cooling systems. Faucets are often made round, but Cooler Master decided that an alternative should be created.

Demonstration Cooler Master and Maintenance Free coolants including the MasterLiquid 360 Atmos, MasterLiquid PL360 Flux and MasterLiquid 240L Core models.

Cooler Master paid great attention to air cooling, on which the company mainly developed its business for many years. The company showed many different fans and coolers, including experimental ones.

For example, a cooler with an evaporation chamber to which heat pipes are connected was shown. This is an experimental solution that will form the basis of a powerful next-generation cooler.

However, the demonstration cooler attracted the most attention, which, thanks to a special paint, when heated, changed its color and acquired a reddish tint – it seems as if the metal is heating up.

Another very interesting exhibit at the Cooler Master booth was an enclosure whose walls act as a radiator for a liquid cooling system. This is a compact solution with a maintenance-free coolant connection on both sides of the housing, which are finned for better heat dissipation.

And next to it a record-thick GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card from PNY, for which Cooler Master developed a cooling system. It occupies up to 4.5 expansion slots, but unlike many other RTX 4090s, it only has two fans.

New power supplies were also on display at Cooler Master’s booths, including the V SFX Platinum series, which featured the world’s most powerful power supply in the SFX form factor – while most others are rated at up to 1000W, this newcomer is in the Able to deliver 1300 W W

They also showed full-size ATX V Platinum V2 power supplies up to 1600 watts. Note that these power supplies, like those described in the paragraph above, have the highest level of energy efficiency certification – 80 Plus Platinum.

She demonstrated Cooler Master and the ORB-X gaming capsule, which is a special gaming furniture that combines a table and a seat, as well as mounts for monitors, space for a PC and more. It is assumed that a curved gaming monitor will be installed on its upper part, which will wrap around the user and slide out the tray with input devices. This entire setup takes up about the same space as a payphone but promises many hours of uninterrupted gaming in great comfort.

Also on display was the DYN-X, a chair and related equipment for fans of racing simulators. It includes a range of stands that can hold three curved gaming monitors to provide an immersive motorsport or flight simulator experience. The second part consists of a chair on which the user leans back like an F1 racer and a set of controllers for a racing simulator. The chair is adjustable in height and angle together with the controllers.

On display were Cooler Master and various peripherals for gamers, including keyboards, headsets and mice.

And for streamers, bloggers, designers and people of other creative professions, the MasterHUB device was presented. It allows you to install different modules on top of the base module to manage specific programs or tasks. There are modules with a touchscreen, rotary knobs, customizable buttons, a slider, and more. All this will be useful when working in photo and video editors, streaming and much more. Interestingly, the modules can be combined in any way and installed in any position.

Finally, various unusual computers were shown.

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