Renault Honda and Volvo will use the Qualcomm platform in

Renault, Honda and Volvo will use the Qualcomm platform in their new models

Modern cars are not only constantly connected to cloud services, but can also replace the driver in many situations. Qualcomm is marketing the hardware platform that enables the vehicles of the future with the support of a growing number of partners. These include Renault, Honda and Volvo as well as the subsidiary Polestar.

Image source: Qualcomm / The Verge

Image source: Qualcomm / The Verge

As explained ReutersAt CES 2022, Volvo Cars, Honda Motor and Renault announced their collaboration with Qualcomm on the Snapdragon cockpit platform. The multimedia systems of the new models, which are to be delivered to the American market from the second half of the year, will be based on the latest Qualcomm chips, the Japanese automaker said. The Google Android operating system will work in combination with a voice assistant and the proprietary map service Google Maps. The functionality of the on-board systems is updated “over the air”.

Similar capabilities to the Polestar 3 crossover will also be given to the new model of Volvo’s electric crossover, which will go on the conveyor belt this year. Qualcomm’s customers in this area already include BMW, GM, Hyundai and other automakers.

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