Reminds me of a modernized Silent Hill Fans loved 11

“Reminds me of a modernized Silent Hill”: Fans loved 11 minutes of Alan Wake II gameplay

Published by IGN as part of its IGN First column demonstrated An exclusive 11-minute gameplay video of the psychological horror Alan Wake II from Remedy Entertainment.

    Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Remember that according to the plot, author Alan Wake writes a fateful story in The Dark Abode, while FBI agent Saga Anderson arrives in the town of Bright Falls to investigate a series of ritualistic murders.

The extract published by IGN is dedicated to the saga. In one of the first missions, the heroine arrives in the city of Watery, where you can meet a character from another Remedy game – Control, with whom Alan Wake II shares the universe.

The video starts with exploring Watery – a visit to a bar, a chat with locals – continues in Saga’s “Mind Palace” (investigation menu) and ends in the spooky amusement park Coffee World.

The progression of the level is accompanied by an oppressive atmosphere and skirmishes with the possessed – with the light of a flashlight you must first banish the darkness from the enemies, and only then stuff them with lead (it now takes more than a dozen shots per shot). ).

Viewers of the new IGN video appreciated Remedy’s design finds, Echo with Control, intense gameplay and scary atmosphere. “Reminds me of a modernized Silent Hill”– thinks the user Jonathan’s mother.

Due to the recent postponement, Alan Wake II is expected to be released on October 27th on PC (Epic Games Store), PS5, Xbox Series X and S. Recently, partly because of the Remedy game, the premiere of another horror film “Alone in the Dark” was postponed.

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