Rembrandts Night Watch photographed with a resolution of 717

Rembrandt’s “Night Watch” photographed with a resolution of 717 gigapixels – the photo weighs 5.6 TB

The Amsterdam State Museum Rijksmuseum has posted a photo of the painting with the “highest resolution ever recorded” on the Internet. The image of Rembrandt’s famous “Night Watch” was composed of 8439 images with a resolution of 100 megapixels, which results in a huge 717 gigapixel photo.

Source: Rijksmuseum

Source: Rijksmuseum

The painting “Night Watch” has attracted the attention of art critics and the general public since it was shown in 1642. Operation Night Watch’s research team teamed up to create an incredibly huge digital copy of the work measuring 363 x 437 cm. 8mm. At the same time, we had to perform a laser scan of the surface before each shot, adjust the focus and then use a neural network to optimize the color and sharpness of each image. The distance between the pixels was only 5 micrometers, and each pixel captures a fragment that is smaller than the red blood cells.

Source: Rijksmuseum

Source: Rijksmuseum

In addition to the fact that such shots allow you to do all kinds of research, track the deterioration in the condition of the paint over time, and register the original (at the time of shooting) appearance of the picture before the restoration, which will allow the new one to begin a month technological solution normal art connoisseurs to view the picture with an incredible level of detail. To live so close and in detail in a museum, to examine the picture, will not work.

Also, any connoisseur can now see the “scars” left by time, including the marks of restoration after the painting was damaged by a knife by a vandal in 1975. Even with a detailed picture can be found on the museum website. There is insufficient computer memory to store the entire image – the image weighs 5.6TB.

When working with old works of art, digital technologies are increasingly being used. Not so long ago, AI helped recreate a Picasso painting that was hidden under another image.

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