Reimagining one of the greatest fantasy franchises Ubisoft is hiring

“Reimagining one of the greatest fantasy franchises”: Ubisoft is hiring to develop an AAA Might & Magic game

The Might & Magic RPG series may be joined with a new big-budget game. This is indicated by the published Ubisoft free place Senior Brand Manager featured on the site Chronicle of Video Games.

Might & Magic X - Legacy.  Image Source: Steam

Might & Magic X – Legacy. Image Source: Steam

The text of the vacancy notice states that the specialist will be engaged in promotion “new AAA Might & Magic game”. The company goes “Reinventing one of the greatest fantasy franchises in video game history.” The requirements state “Passion for Fantasy and RPG/Strategy”. There are no details about the project itself. Judging by the clues, we’re talking about a reboot.

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The brand manager will work at Ubisoft Shanghai – it looks like the Chinese division is spearheading development. Founded in 1996, the studio rarely had a leading production role: in that capacity, the team only worked on the survival simulator I Am Alive and the strategy game Tom Clancy’s EndWar. She mainly supports other divisions of Ubisoft: she has been involved in the development of several Far Cry, Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell as well as the re-releases of Beyond Good & Evil and Rayman 3. The Shanghai office has more than 600 employees.

Might & Magic X - Legacy.  Image Source: Steam

Might & Magic X – Legacy. Image Source: Steam

The latest installment in the series, Might & Magic X: Legacy by German company Limbic Entertainment, was released on Steam Early Access in 2013 and brought to the final version in 2014. This is the first game in the original series in 12 years. It was published by Ubisoft, which had previously only released branches (including Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and all Heroes of Might & Magic since the fifth).

The RPG received mixed reviews with an average score of metacritical based on 44 reviews is 71/100, and the rating on Steam, where more than 2,700 reviews were left, is – 64%. The game was criticized for its archaic gameplay lacking depth, boring storytelling, and balance issues. According to others, it surpasses the previous parts and its shortcomings are mitigated “Old School Charm”. In a review for 3DNews, Stanislav Ivaneyko called Might & Magic X: Legacy “faded shadows of the predecessors” and noticed that she “Only interesting for fans of the endangered genre”.

Last June, Ubisoft shut down the old Might & Magic X: Legacy servers, rendering the game nearly unplayable, and soon pulled it from the market. It only returned to virtual shelves in October. These issues caused a wave of negative feedback on Steam and impacted the overall rating.

In 2015, Limbic Entertainment released Might & Magic Heroes VII, the latest installment in the turn-based strategy series. Their assessments were also cautious.

Ubisoft is currently preparing several AAA projects, including the long-term construction of Skull & Bones and Beyond Good and Evil 2the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline shareware and platform Assassin’s Creed Infinity.


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