Reddit traffic picks up again as protests subside

Reddit traffic picks up again as protests subside

Subreddit’s protests against Reddit’s plans to pay third-party companies to access its API are still ongoing, but the platform’s traffic is gradually returning to its previous levels. writes PCMag quotes statistics from analytics company Similarweb.

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

According to SimilarWeb, the number of visits by users on Reddit reached 56 million on June 18-19, while on the second day of the strike, June 13, it reached 52 million. In the last few days, the average time users spent on Reddit has risen to over eight minutes, falling to a three-year low of 7 minutes and 17 seconds on the first day of the protests.

After the 48-hour shutdown, many subreddits planned to continue the protest, either staying private or using new countermeasures, including posting NSFW (Not Safe For Life) content, which is prohibited by the social network’s rules, i.e. nudity show, contain profanity, etc. to erode Reddit’s ad revenue. The platform has taken drastic action against the protests, even firing entire teams of volunteer moderators for allowing inappropriate content to be posted on their subreddits.

Despite the repression, some subreddits and volunteer moderators continue to protest. According to a tracking service, around 2,600 subreddits remain inaccessible. However, some moderators try to use other forms of protest while respecting the rules of the platform.

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