Reddit removed old user chats and also canceled Reddit coins

Reddit removed old user chats and also canceled Reddit coins

Over the past few weeks, many Reddit users have started reporting the disappearance of their old personal messages that had accumulated over the years. writes Crushable resource. In response to a complaint from a forum member, the Reddit admin stated that the company “Ports old chats to new platforms and unfortunately only the data from 2023 is copied.”

    Image source: Pixabay

Image source: Pixabay

The admin also reported that there is an opportunity to access their old chats. To do this, you must submit a data request for this address when you log into your Reddit account. In addition, incoming messages can be retrieved with the old version of Reddit until 2023.

It seems many users didn’t heed the social media platform administration’s announcement in June that the platform was moving to a new chat architecture and that deleting old messages would ensure this “smooth and quick transition”. The transitional decision went into effect on June 30, but many users only noticed the disappearance of the archives a few days later.

Along with the recent changes to the API access policy and the removal of archived chats, Reddit management has made another decision that has caused backlash from users. On Friday, the Reddit platform announced that it would be phasing out the rewards system, and after September 12, all Reddit user virtual coins and rewards would disappear. Although the monthly coin raffle and premium rewards will end after that date, the Reddit Premium subscription will remain, as will the benefits that come with it, including the ability to view content without ads.


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