Reddit launches short TikTok style video feed

Reddit launches short TikTok-style video feed

Reddit will split text and video posts into two feeds, announced platform management. Video content is displayed in the watch feed, while text content is displayed in the read feed.

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Both channels show posts from the subreddits the user is following as well as featured posts. The changes will come into effect in the coming weeks – for the time being, the resource manager wants to study the reaction of users to the new submission of materials. The emergence of a video-only feed could be called the platform’s “video fiction,” admitted Reddit Product Director Pali Bhat. Resource users can now choose the format more interesting to them and easily switch between them. The Reddit administration intends to continue experimenting with new features, and video reactions may also appear on the site in the future.

These innovations are part of a large-scale program aimed at simplifying the platform’s user interface and attracting new users to it. Some visitors to the site complain that it seems inaccessible to them – they are put off by the seemingly complicated interface, the format of the forum, and the special rules adopted by the community. The Reddit app is no exception and is even preferred by some third-party power users.


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