Realme develops smartphones with ultra fast 150W charging

Realme develops smartphones with ultra-fast 150W charging

Online sources have spread the information that Realme is working on smartphones that support 80W and 150W fast charging and ultra-fast charging, respectively.

Image source: Rich

Image source: Rich

Already in the summer of 2020, Realme introduced the 125 W UltraDART fast charging technology. Then it was said that it allows you to replenish the energy reserve of a 4000mAh battery by a third in just three minutes, and it takes about 20 minutes to fully charge.

However, commercial units with a 125W UltraDART system are not yet available. The market launch of the first devices of this type is expected before the end of this year. In addition, smartphones with 150 watt charging could soon be demonstrated: it is expected to take around 15 minutes to fully charge a 5000 mAh battery with this system.

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For phones with 150W charging, Realme is reportedly planning to use Oppo’s 160W charger. Further details will not be disclosed.

It also became known that Realme will soon introduce smartphones based on the Dimensity 8000 platform developed by MediaTek.



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