Real shortage of electronics is forecast in autumn the trade

“Real shortage” of electronics is forecast in autumn, the trade begins to work with small suppliers

Large electronics distributors had to accept significant supply cuts. As reported”Kommersant‘ shipments for some items were down 75% year over year in the second quarter. At the same time, some industry experts expect that the shortage of goods will become particularly acute in the autumn, while trade, on the other hand, shows the need to keep stocks and expand the range, including by working with small suppliers.

    Image source: Rami Alzayat/

Image source: Rami Alzayat/

According to Tatiana Skokova, head of Merlion’s Broad Distribution Division, smartphone shipments are down three to four times year over year in the most recent quarter, while shipments of laptops and PCs are down as much as 75%. In her opinion, the shortage is already beginning to be felt, but the second quarter was relatively successful due to the increase in supply in the first. However, the shelves of the shops are “already empty” and there are stocks for “one to two months”. First of all, let’s talk about smartphones from Samsung and Apple. According to diHouse’s CEO, the “real shortage” begins in September-October, and Marvel Distribution also points to inventory issues, particularly at Samsung and Apple.

Panic moods are avoided in dealer networks, arguing that equipment stocks are not only maintained but also renewed. M.Video-Eldorado emphasizes that they have all the flagship smartphones of well-known brands and other electronics, they do not see a serious threat in Megafon and MTS, and the re:Store representative, who sells Apple solutions, admitted that although a lack, but “does its best” to maintain the range of goods and the availability of goods.

At the same time, experts emphasize that the data from distributors and retailers can differ significantly. If it is difficult for the first to make a decision about parallel imports – they are still afraid of ruining relations with foreign suppliers, then it is easier for small businesses to organize deliveries and import electronics in small batches.

According to the available data, the circle of actors has noticeably expanded – both retailers themselves and small businesses, including individual entrepreneurs working on orders from retail chains, began to organize deliveries. However, traders argue that no one but them will be able to provide the quantities of goods needed to meet demand.

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