Raspberry Pi in short supply version with 4 GB of

Raspberry Pi in short supply: version with 4 GB of RAM will have to wait 52 weeks

Those looking to purchase a Raspberry Pi single board computer will have to be patient. This is especially true for consumers interested in a Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM. And all because of problems with the supply chain. Resellers around the world are reporting that stocks of Raspberry Pi 4s are rapidly running out, and one site, Digi-Key, says that when ordering a Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM, users will have to wait 52 weeks for delivery.

Image Source: Raspberry Pi Foundation

Image source: Raspberry Pi Foundation

A number of other sites that specialize in selling single board systems, including Mouser, Adafruit, Micro Center, and Seed, report no stock of Raspberry Pi 4s and do not say when the device will hit the shelves. A number of other sellers are showing limited supply. British reseller Pimoroni only offers a model with 2GB of RAM, while Virlos has all versions of the device in stock, but sells one Raspberry Pi each.

Other single board computer models such as the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W are almost impossible to find on the market. A pleasant exception is the Pi 400, which is essentially a Pi 4 with 4GB of RAM in a keyboard case. The device can almost always be purchased without any restrictions.

Image source: Seed

Image source: Seed

The news comes a few months after Raspberry Pi Ltd CEO Eben Upton announced the first price hike for single board computers. As a result of the changes, the Pi 4 has risen in price from 2 GB of RAM by $ 10 to $ 45. In addition, a modification with 1 GB of RAM at a price of $ 35 appeared again on sale.

In 2021, 7 million Raspberry Pi units were produced, which is the same as for 2020.

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