Qualcomm will lay off 1258 employees in California

Qualcomm will lay off 1,258 employees in California

In the current financial year, Qualcomm expects a decline in sales of 19% and is now forced to reduce the number of employees as part of its cost-cutting efforts. Accordingly CNBCIn the US state of California, the company’s two branches will lose 1,285 employees by mid-December. This represents approximately 2.5% of the company’s total workforce.

    Image source: Times of San Diego

Image source: Times of San Diego

Qualcomm was forced to notify government authorities in advance of impending cuts, although such a practice does not exist everywhere in the United States. From the official filing, it was revealed that by December 13, 1,064 Qualcomm employees will leave the San Diego office, and the Santa Clara office will lose 194 employees. According to official information from Qualcomm, both offices will continue to operate afterwards.

As of September last year, Qualcomm employed 51,000 people, so a loss of 2.5% of that number wouldn’t be a big surprise for the company. In contrast, more than 750 jobs in engineering and management will be eliminated. The remaining positions that will be eliminated include accountants. The company’s business remains highly dependent on the situation on the smartphone market and is currently anything but favorable, which is why Qualcomm is forced to take unpopular measures in the form of staff cuts.

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