Qualcomm Greedy Manufacturers Are Responsible for Windows Arm Laptop Failure

Qualcomm: Greedy Manufacturers Are Responsible for Windows Arm Laptop Failure

Arm-based laptops with Windows operating systems have so far not been able to establish themselves in the electronics market – they are less powerful than comparable competitors on Intel and have a software compatibility problem. Qualcomm had its own opinion that accused the laptop manufacturers themselves of deceiving buyers’ expectations.

Source: Microsoft

Source: Microsoft

Manufacturers have set the bar too high by selling always-connected laptops starting at $ 1,000, according to Qualcomm. “One of the factors that made us dissatisfied with early devices was their inadequate pricing.”– said the representative of Qualcomm Miguel Nunes (Miguel Nunes) in an interview with the publication Golem.de

Although Nunez shifted responsibility for laptop pricing entirely to OEMs, chipsets like the Snapdragon 8cx were reportedly similarly priced as Intel chips with much better performance, according to some reports. Note that the Microsoft Surface Pro X is already priced at over $ 1,500, although more reasonable price proposals are gradually emerging with arm chipsets, such as the Samsung Galaxy Book Go, priced below $ 500.

Nonetheless, many experts argue that it was not the price of the processors but their quality that played a role in the failure of the Arm laptop sales project. One example is the Apple M1 chipset – if the performance is the same or higher than that of models based on Intel and AMD solutions, buyers are not interested in which architecture is used in development and production.

In other words, it’s not just the OEMs to blame. The combination of Qualcomm’s laptop processors and the new Windows 11 is set to solve most of the existing problems and is likely to contribute to wider adoption of the technology.

However, the failure of the technology is relative and has not yet been substantiated by reliable statistics, about which Qualcomm itself is still silent. It is known that in 2020 alone, sales of arm processors for laptops increased many times over.

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