Puget Systems In 2019 2021 Intel processors proved to be noticeably

Puget Systems: In 2019-2021, Intel processors proved to be noticeably more reliable than AMD

The American company Puget Systems, which has been supplying custom assemblies of consumer and high-performance computer systems for more than 20 years, has published an assessment of processor failures in 2019-2021. It turned out that according to the company’s own statistics, Intel CPUs were significantly more reliable than AMD products – with one exception.

Source: Bru-nO/pixabay.com

Source: Bru-nO/pixabay.com

The comparison included both mainstream CPUs and HEDT components. The first segment evaluated the processor families AMD Ryzen 5000, Intel Comet Lake (tenth generation CPU) and Rocket Lake (eleventh generation). In the HEDT segment, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3000, Threadripper PRO, Intel Core X (tenth generation), Intel Xeon W and Xeon Scalable (second generation) were considered.

According to Puget, AMD processor failures were significantly more common than Intel models, with one exception – the 11th generation Intel Rocket Lake models performed surprisingly poorly, even when compared to the previous generation proprietary processors.

Source: Puget Systems

Source: Puget Systems

It should be clarified that the terms “Shop Failure” refer to processors that are “default” defective and sourced from suppliers, and “Field Failure” refers to processors that failed after the user started to connect them operate.


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