Psychonauts 2 developers have fixed a number of bugs that prevented the advancement of the plot

Portal MP1st announced that update 1.05 has become available for the action-adventure platformer Psychonauts 2 from Microsoft and Double Fine Productions.

Image Source: Double Fine Productions

Image Source: Double Fine Productions

The size of the patch is reportedly different on different target platforms: 214 MB on PS4 and about 14 GB on Steam. Such an impressive size of the patch is due to the features of the Unreal Engine, on which the game is based.

According to published in the Valve service changelog, the update fixes a number of bugs that interfered with the progress of the plot, adds poses for the photo mode to the Windows version and allows you to run the Steam edition on Windows 7.


The “small update” for Steam users turned out to be quite weighty

Double Fine Productions also reportedthat the lion’s share of the staff is gearing up for a two-week vacation, and the entire studio will soon be left mostly with support workers. However, the release of patches will continue in this mode.

Psychonauts 2 debuted on August 25th on PC (Steam, Microsoft Store), PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Why the game only supports six languages ​​was recently revealed by Community Manager at Double Fine Productions.

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