PS VR2 proved to be more popular than its predecessor

PS VR2 proved to be more popular than its predecessor – 600,000 headsets were sold in the first six weeks after the release

Sony first released sales statistics for the new PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset for the PlayStation 5 gaming console. Recall that the device went on sale at the end of February. According to Sony, the headset is selling better than its predecessor.

    Image source: Sony

Image source: Sony

According to Sony, the PS VR2 virtual reality headset sold around 600,000 units in the first six weeks of sales. The company notes that the sales momentum of the new VR headset is higher than that of the previous PS VR model. According to the timeline provided by the company, first-generation headset sales fell 8% in the first six weeks. Figures provided by Sony show that analysts’ previous estimates that the company could sell just 270,000 PS VR2 headsets by March fall well short of actual sales of the device.

Sony Group COO Hiroki Totoki said in March he believes PS VR2 has a “good chance” of surpassing the first-gen PlayStation VR, which sold 5 million units by the end of 2019.

Bloomberg previously claimed that Sony had forecast 2 million PlayStation VR2 headsets sold for the device’s first quarter of sales, but then the company lowered estimates to 1 million headsets sold and forecast sales of 1.5 million units between April this year and March 2024 Sony denied Bloomberg’s statements and declined to comment on the matter.

The PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset was released on February 22nd. The cost of the device is $549.99. In addition to the VR headset, the headset comes with a pair of PS VR2 Sense controllers and stereo headphones. Sony has also released a $599.99 PS VR2 bundle that includes a code to activate Horizon: Call of the Mountain.

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