ProtonMail now warns that it can release user data at the request of the Swiss authorities

Earlier this week, it became known that the ProtonMail service, which positions itself as a confidential mail service, at the request of the Swiss authorities provided the IP addresses of some users, as a result of which they were arrested. Now, the company’s website has updated its privacy policy, making ProtonMail look like a less secure service.

Image: The Register

Image: The Register

ProtonMail is based in Switzerland and is obliged to follow the laws of the country, so it is not surprising that the developers provided the data at the request of law enforcement. However, earlier representatives of the service have repeatedly stated that ProtonMail does not record the IP addresses of users. Moreover, until recently, these statements were part of the privacy policy, which is published on the developers’ website.

Following the incident with the arrests of eco-activists in France, the ProtonMail developers have made changes to the service description and privacy policy. “ProtonMail is an email that respects privacy and puts people, not advertisers, first. Your data belongs to you and our encryption guarantees this. We also provide anonymous email gateway “, – said in the description of the service.

Along with this, the update also affected the privacy policy. The developers no longer guarantee complete confidentiality and warn that user data may be transferred to third parties at the request of the Swiss authorities. “If you violate Swiss laws, ProtonMail may be legally compelled to register your IP address as part of a criminal investigation.”, – said in the privacy policy of ProtonMail.

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