Protected browser DuckDuckGo has learned to block surveillance on Android

Protected browser DuckDuckGo has learned to block surveillance on Android devices

The developers of the confidential search engine and browser DuckDuckGo continue to promote the App Tracking Protection tool, which aims to block third-party trackers in applications. Previously this feature was only available to a limited number of browser test program participants, but now all users of the Android-based DuckDuckGo browser can try it.

    Image source: DuckDuckGo

Image source: DuckDuckGo

Although App Tracking Protection is currently in beta testing, the feature handles blocking third-party trackers, even in apps that aren’t actively being used. When enabled in the DuckDuckGo browser, this feature automatically detects third-party trackers based on the public DuckDuckGo blocklist and blocks the requests they make. All of this happens on the user’s device without moving any data to the DuckDuckGo servers.

Remember that the App Tracking Protection feature was introduced late last year. The tool has since received a new option that allows users to see online what personal data the trackers are collecting. The developers have improved the performance of this tool and optimized its operation in such a way that it does not block the collection of user data in applications where it is necessary for normal operation.

The company’s blog states that the average Android user installs 35 apps. At the same time, various trackers from more than 70 different companies try to track the activity of such a user 1000-2000 times every day. Typically, companies that track user activity and collect other data sell that information to advertisers, who serve targeted ads to users based on it.

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